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Feed the hungry and homeless without discrimination during the day:

"So much more than a meal."

Services provided by Bean's Cafe and how you can help:

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to feed the hungry and the homeless without discrimination during the day. We embody the values of compassion, dignity and respect for all who enter our doors.

“The underlying premise of Bean’s Cafe is a deep belief in the inherent dignity of every person, a belief that people respond with kindness when treated kindly, with trust when trusted, and respectfully when respected. Our aim is not to set up a value system – determining what is right or wrong – or a way of life for persons, but allow them to form their own. In this situation, a person is not pressured into acting in a special way, and their response is free, lasting, and more fully themselves.”

- Bean’s Cafe Founding Documents, 1979

Aside from serving meals twice a day to those in need, we also provide a variety of support services.

Programs and Services

Adult Meals

We provide a warm breakfast and lunch to anyone in need 365 days a year. Not all of our clients are homeless – many individuals struggle to make ends meet, and Bean’s Cafe offers a place where they can receive a free meal without judgement.

Child Nutrition Program

The Children’s Lunchbox is our child nutrition program which offers meals and snacks to 17 community programs, including dinner from scratch at two after-school programs. Additionally, we provide bags of weekend meals to every child at seven Title I elementary schools in Anchorage.

Client Services

Client Services offers a variety of services to assist clients – no matter their needs – and all free of charge. Including:

  • Mail Service & Basic Necessities: Clients can receive mail, grab a pair of socks, a bar of soap, or even cough drops in our office inside the Cafe.
  • Referrals: Mental Health, Medical, Financial, Substance Abuse, Jobs, Housing, and anything else a client might need.
  • Conference Room: Our conference room hosts group support meetings from local community partners.
  • Housing Specialists: Our upstairs office is home to two housing specialists from a partner agency who work with clients to find appropriate permanent accommodations.

Thousands of Anchorage children are considered at-risk of not having enough food. Last year, The Children’s Lunchbox served 200,000 meals to 3,000 kids.

The Children’s Lunchbox (TCL) is a program of Bean’s Cafe, founded in 2004 in response to the growing number of hungry children in our community. Since its humble beginnings at Mt. View Elementary, our child nutrition program has grown up, and now serves more meals than Bean’s Cafe!

Childrens Lunchbox on Social Media

Bean’s Cafe has a history of helping those in need. Whether you’re a client or volunteer, we’d like to hear your history.

Stories of Success and Hope

“Bean’s Cafe has helped me in ways I never thought possible. It goes beyond food. They helped me to believe in myself again.”

Daniel, Former Client

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